Leather Overview


Eagle Ottawa sells luxury, responsibly. Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are articulated around three pillars: People, Planet and Performance.

We understand the importance of authentic community development. We invest in efforts that speak directly to the people and issues that exist within each region. Our global dedication to programs such as United Way, YMCA Strong Kids, The Lupin Foster Home, Hungarian Bicycle Association, Blessings in a Backpack and Chacoengsao relief efforts highlight our interest in connecting with and improving the communities that Eagle Ottawa touches.

We’ve always gone to great lengths to preserve and protect the environment, and will continue to do so. We make ongoing investments in R&D focused on innovative tanning methods that optimize efficiency and tackle environmental concerns such as salinity.

In 1991, Eagle Ottawa was the first automotive leather supplier to implement water-based finishing systems, which reduced emissions of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) by 99%. This led the entire automotive leather industry away from solvent finishes. Today, we continue to have one of the lowest solvent contents in the industry.

We’ve designed our products so that waste can be managed well; world initiatives can be complied with; and we can constantly find innovative ways to reduce and recycle waste. Our high transfer efficiency produces less chemical waste thanks to state-of-the-art-roll-coating finish systems. Recent investments in natural gas to electric dryers demonstrate our commitment to operational efficiency while maintaining quality.

We’ve established regional environmental policy practices that meet the criteria of the ISO 14001 environmental management standards. Beyond compliance, at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hungary, solar panels have been installed for our Waste Water Treatment plant. The goal is to decrease our overall energy bills and proactively reduce GHG emissions.


2012 Corporate Energy Star Partner
2008 Eagle Ottawa Mexico recognized for its water recycling and reuse process
2007 Became member of The Suppliers Partnership for the Environment
2002 2002 Organic Recycling Achievement awarded by the Michigan Recycling Coalition; approval to sell ReTurn from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
1997 Became a member of the Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership
1997 White Pine Award for outstanding efforts to partner with state and local initiatives
1996 Michigan Chamber of Commerce Environmental Quality Award for compositing industrial wastewater biosolids
1995 Recycler of the Year, Michigan Recycling Coalition; recognized by the U.S. Vice President Al Gore for the EPA 33/50 Program