Leather Overview


At Eagle Ottawa, our success is driven through a culture of entrepreneurship, speed, teamwork and precision. We operate in a unique world of tradition and innovation that balances the patience of old world craftsmanship with speed of groundbreaking science, technology and manufacturing excellence.

We trust and empower our employees to excel and give them the autonomy to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are strengthened by the diversity of our team and collaborate from all regions of the world to bring the deepest market intelligence, most inspired designs and the highest quality leather to our customers.

We improve our performance through an open and transparent working environment that encourages creativity and demands customer focus. Our leaders lead by example and set a high standard of ethics, integrity and determination.

As a global team, Eagle Ottawa is in constant pursuit of excellence. We are never satisfied with our success and feel an obligation, as the world’s largest automotive leather supplier, to innovate new technologies that continuously drive the industry to reach higher levels of quality, design and product performance.