From Concept to Reality

At Eagle Ottawa, we strive to create world-class leather solutions for
the finest automobiles in the world.


At Eagle Ottawa, we are passionate about exploration. We are constantly searching to discover the latest insight about future design trends, technology and global market behavior.

This exploration allows us to deliver our customers solutions tailored to their needs. Solutions that will remain relevant and true to their automotive brand’s essence and that result in a beautiful interior environment for their vehicles.

At Eagle Ottawa, our designers, scientists, engineers, and marketers collaborate to imagine all the great possibilities with leather.


We believe leather is the ideal material to provide each of our customers with interior solutions that enhance their brand identity.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes leathers for every interior application, with a range of aesthetic and performance characteristics. It includes a wide array of unique surface effects, colors, and design enhancements that will differentiate and add luxury to any vehicle interior.


At Eagle Ottawa we pride ourselves on the ability to transition and fully validate custom leather solutions into reality.

Here, our understanding of the highly precise automotive industry is most valuable. Our advanced manufacturing practices and process controls blend effortlessly with the science and artistry of the leather industry.

As a global automotive leather company, we guarantee the quality and consistency of our products throughout the world.