Eagle Ottawa is the world’s largest supplier of premium automotive leather. Since 1865, our passion for fine leather has driven us to the highest levels of craftsmanship and customer service. Today, we blend that foundation with the industry’s latest technologies to deliver the world’s most luxurious, durable and performance-tested leathers to automakers around the world.

We strive every day to improve our performance, to strengthen our quality and over-achieve our customers’ expectations. For us, it’s not a question of being the best; we strive to set the standard and be world-class.

WE ARE completely focused on producing the most luxurious, durable and high performing leather the automotive industry has ever seen. In a culture empowered by innovation, creativity and operational excellence, we pledge an unrelenting commitment to our customers’ expectations of quality, service and accountability. By living these standards, Eagle Ottawa will be the most respected automotive leather supplier in the world, truly demonstrating what it means to be world-class.